About Us

Ever wondered, why do we think a hundred times before booking a ticket much in advance for an upcoming event ? Or anxious for making last minute plans ?

It's because we are scared about loosing money due to the cancellation of plan or the fear of not getting tickets in the last minute. Gotcha, right ? We know this is very much common in all of us, and it's okay to do so now. To everyone's rescue, we have come up with a beautiful platform - Tixtore, a ticket trading platform, which enables users to buy and sell tickets at it's original price or lesser.

Don't let your excitement and joy of last minute drills fade away by being anxious about availability of tickets. Find your tickets on Tixtore.

And next time, do not think much for booking an advance ticket of a much awaited event, we have got your back covered. Sell your tickets for free on Tixtore.

We are growing now and we will grow faster with your love and support. Like and share us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Tell your story to the social media about how Tixtore helped you in buying or selling a ticket, and help everyone in making exciting plans. We will feature some of the best stories on our website and Social media page. We welcome your suggestions, so please write to us and let us know what we can improve upon.