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Product Description

The TrainHR Course is approved by HRCI and SHRM Recertification Provider.
Wellness champions are a major part of any program success.With consistent messaging,following a corporate wellness strategy motivating the unmotivated is possible! By ensuring the right people are in place to help spread the message,share wellness memos,help facilitate team challenges,brainstorm on program design and help execute the strategy,participation rates are often the result leading to a more engaged workplace.

Why should you Attend:
Do you have the right people involved with your wellness initiative?The right supports? Often times messages can be lost,communications can be ineffective and participation rates can suffer. By offering the opportunity for like-minded people with the same mission working together, wellness efforts are optimized.

Areas Covered in the Session:
Who is a Wellness Champion?
How do you Recruit Wellness Champions?
What are the Main Roles?
How does a Wellness Team Motivate?
Peer Influence Support

Who Will Benefit:
Human Resources
Wellness Champions within a Workplace
Person Responsible for Coordinating Internal Wellness Program
Executive Leaders
Employee Benefits Consultants/Brokers
Meaghan Jansen is the owner of a Canadian employee and corporate wellness company called, Employee Wellness Solutions Network (ewsnetwork.com). She and her husband have been in business for 15 years and live in London, ON with their two children.

Meaghan completed her BSc. (biology and psychology) and BA. (sport and exercise psychology) at the University of New Brunswick before completing her MSc. (exercise nutrition in kinesiology) at the University of Western Ontario.
Event link: https://www.trainhr.com/webinar/-702498LIVE?channel=tixtore-august_2019_SEO
Contact Details:
NetZealous LLC, DBA TrainHR
Phone: +1-800-385-1627
Email: trainhr1@gmail.com


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